ASM Scientific Programme


Time Topic Speakers
1:30 pm Registration  
Allergy Testing (Chair: A/Prof Lim Yen Loo)
2:00 pm Approach to Food Allergy in Adults Dr Grace Chan
2:30 pm In-vitro Testing for Food Allergy Prof Hugo van Bever
3:00 pm Type I Drug Allergy A/Prof Lim Yen Loo
3:30 pm Type IV Drug Allergy A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh
4:00 pm Break  
4:30 pm Practical Stations and Case Discussion
1. Skin prick test
2. Patch test
3. Food and drug allergy
Dr Karen Choo
Dr Suzanne Cheng
Dr Chai Zi Ting
Dr Lee Shan Xian
Dr Lydia Tang-Lin
Dr Uma Alagappan
SSN Wang Fang
Time Topic Speakers
8:00 am Registration  
8:30 am Free Paper Session 1: Case Reports (Chair: Dr Roland Chu)
Judges: Dr Phoon Yi Wei, Dr Hazel Oon
9:30 am Break  
10:00 am Boehringer Ingelheim Symposium (Chair: Dr Hazel Oon)
Optimizing Outcomes in GPP Flare Management: From Trial to Practice

Prof Tsai Tsen-Fang

11:00 am Clinical-Pathological Conference (Chair: Dr Chris Tan) A/Prof Nisha Suyien Chandran
A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh
Dr Joel Lim
Prof Misha Rosenbach
12:30 pm Lunch  
1:00 pm Galderma Symposium (Chair: Dr Tan Hiok Hee)
Spotlights on Acne Management
Dr Deshan Sebaratnam
Session 1: Medical Dermatology Update (Chair: A/Prof Oh Choon Chiat)
2:00 pm Approach to Non-Sarcoidal Granulomatous disorders Prof Misha Rosenbach
2:20 pm Sarcoidosis – An Update Prof Misha Rosenbach
2:40 pm Urticarial Syndromes Dr Tee Shang-Ian
3:00 pm What’s New in Neutrophilic Diseases? Prof Misha Rosenbach
3:20 pm Q&A  
3:30 pm Tea Break  
4:00 pm DKSH Symposium (Chair: Dr Koh Wei Liang)
The evolution of Alopecia Areata – Exploring Predictions for Long-Term Treatment Success in Managing an Unpredictable Disease
Prof Bianca Maria Piraccini
5:00 pm Close  
5:30 pm Annual General Meeting (DSS members only)  
7:30 pm Annual Dinner (DSS members and invited guests)  
Time Topic Speakers
8:00 am Registration  
8:30 am Free Paper Session 2 – Studies (Chair: Dr Janet Dua)
Judges: Dr Wang Dingyuan, Dr Tan Ki Wei
9:30 am Break  
10:00 am Abbvie Symposium (Chair: Dr Uma Alagappan)
Implement the Change: Achieving Higher Treatment Goals in Atopic Dermatitis
Prof Chu Chia-Yu
Session 2: Threats From Climate Change and its Impact on Dermatology (Chair: Dr Lynette Low)
11:00 am Weather Predictions and its Effects on Health Prof Joel Aik
11:20 am Climate Change and its Impact on our Young Dr Lee Hwee Chyen
11:40 am Q&A  
11:50 am Chan Heng Leong Lecture (Chair: Dr Tee Shang-Ian)
Impact of Climate Change on Dermatological Practice
Prof Misha Rosenbach
12:20 pm Lunch  
12:50 pm L’Oreal Symposium (Chair: Dr Ker Khor Jia)

  1. Worldwide Prevalence of Pigmentary Disorders and Impact on QoL
  2. Revolutionary Advances in Hyperpigmentation Research and Management
Dr Angeline Yong
Dr Emily Gan
1:50 pm Break  
2:20 pm Pfizer Symposium (Chair: Dr Lim Kar Seng)
Evolving Therapies in Atopic Dermatitis
Dr Neal Bhatia
Session 3: Appraising Popular Aesthetic Procedures (Chair: Dr Ker Khor Jia)
3:20 pm Growing Trend of Injectables Dr Leo Kah Woon
3:40 pm Trending Lasers and Light Devices – What Does the Dermatologist Need to Know? Dr Coni Liu
4:00 pm Evaluating the Evidence of Common Cosmetic Procedures Dr Evelyn Tay
4:20 pm Q&A  
4:30 pm Prize Presentation and Close