Do you have a Query? Please read this.

DSS receives numerous email queries, many of which are more appropriately directed to other organisations. In order to know if the Society is able to assist, kindly refer to the information below.

I wish to ask about my skin condition or make an appointment to see a dermatologist.

DSS does not provide consultations or assist with appointments. Please contact the various public or private medical institutions directly to arrange an appointment. A list of local member dermatologists is available on this website.

I have a complaint regarding a specific doctor.

Please contact the institution which the doctor belongs to first in order to resolve the problem through internal feedback channels.

If necessary, complaints may also be lodged with the Singapore Medical Council.

I wish to find out how to train or practice as a dermatologist in Singapore.

Please contact the Ministry of Health Specialist Accreditation Board for further information.

I have a question regarding clinical trials or research projects.

While DSS members are individually active in research activities, the Society itself does not conduct research.

Instead, please contact the Skin Research Institute of Singapore.

I wish to find out about upcoming DSS activities.

We are happy to assist. Please check our events calendar or send us your query using the form below.

I wish to collaborate with DSS on a public talks or awareness campaigns.

Please provide us with more information on the event as well as your requirements using the form below.

I wish to find out about DSS and joining as a member.

Information on the Society and membership is available on this website. You may also send us your query using the form below.

We wish to organise a Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity with DSS.

We welcome collaboration on CME events of dermatological interest. To obtain CME accreditation, events must comply with SMC regulations. Kindly contact us with your proposal no later than 8 weeks prior to the proposed date.

We wish to conduct testing of pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

This is not a function of the DSS. Please instead direct your query to the Health Sciences Authority.

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