ASM 2021 Scientific Programme

Time Topic Speakers
12:30 pm Gold Symposium (Abbvie)
1. Atopic Dermatitis: Hope is on the horizon
2. Real-World Experience With Risankizumab On Psoriasis Patients
1. A/Prof Stephen Shumack
2. Dr Colin Theng
Session 1
1:40 pm Using Human genetics to Develop New Therapies Prof Tai Ee Shyong
2:00 pm Targeted Therapies In Children And Adolescents A/Prof Mark Koh Jean Aan
2:20 pm Q&A  
2:30 pm Silver Symposium 1 (Sanofi Genzyme)
1. Long Term Data of Dupilumab in Adolescent Atopic Dermatitis
2. The Dupilumab Experience: Local Case Studies
1. Prof Alan Irvine
2. A/Prof Mark Koh Jean Aan
3:40 pm Free Papers: Case reports  
4:40 pm Close  
5:30 pm DSS Annual General Meeting (members only)  
Time Topic Speakers
Session 2
9:00 am Targeted Therapy in Cutaneous Lupus Prof Victoria Werth
9:20 am Targeted Therapy In Autoimmune Blistering Diseases Prof Victoria Werth
9:40 am Q&A  
9:50 am Chan Heng Leong Memorial Lecture (Chair: A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh)
Update on the Pathogenesis and Management of Dermatomyositis
Prof Victoria Werth
10:30 am Silver Symposium 2 (Johnson & Johnson)
Diagnosing & Managing Joint Involvement in Psoriasis Patients: A Dermatologist’s Perspective
Dr Melinda Gooderham
11:40 am Free Papers: Studies  
12:40 pm Platinum Symposium (DKSH)
Treat Psoriasis for the Long Haul: Findings on Ixekizumab from Clinical Trials and Real-world Evidence
Dr Diana Rubel
Dr Colin Theng
Session 3
1:50 pm Targeted Therapies for Skin Cancer Dr Ong Suyin
2:10 pm Targeted Therapy for Cutaneous Lymphomas Dr Tee Shang-Ian
2:30 pm Q&A  
2:40 pm Silver Symposium 3 (Galderma)
Mask Wearing and Rosacea
A/Prof Derrick Aw
Session 4
3:50 pm Covid and The Skin Dr Oh Choon Chiat
4:10 pm Biologics – How Safe Are They? Dr Wang Dingyuan
4:30 pm Q&A  
4:40 pm Prize presentation for Best Paper Award and Close