What is a Dermatologist?

A dermatologist (skin specialist) is a qualified medical specialist who, through additional years of special training, has obtained qualifications to specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin, nail and hair diseases affecting persons of all ages. Dermatologists are also trained to treat patients with diseases affecting the genitalia and the inside of the mouth. And in Singapore, dermatologists can also treat sexually transmitted infections.

In Singapore, to qualify as a dermatologist, a doctor needs to obtain a post-graduate degree in general internal medicine or paediatrics which may take up to 5 years before acceptance into a full time dermatology training programme in a recognised dermatological institute lasting 3 years. At the end of this training, the Ministry of Health certifies the doctor as a dermatologist. Only doctors listed as dermatologists by the Ministry of Health are recognised dermatologists. Having a diploma in dermatology or diploma in family practice dermatology alone does not qualify a doctor to be a dermatologist.

Dermatologists are experts in the treatment of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, skin allergy, skin cancers and hair loss. Dermatologists also treat all kinds of cosmetic problems of the skin and provide advice on skin health. Special treatments such as surgery for skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin conditions, the use of ultraviolet light therapy, laser therapy, intense pulsed light (IPL) and radio-frequency therapy and hair transplantations are also carried out by dermatologists.


List of Certified Dermatologists (DSS Members Only)

1. Ang Chee Beng
2. Ang Chia Chun
3. Ang Por
4. Aw Chen Wee
5. Chan Kum Wah Roy
6. Chan Yuin Chew
7. Cheng Wei Na Suzanne
8. Cheong Lai Leng
9. Cheong Wai Kwong
10. Chia Hui Yi
11. Chiam Yuun Tirng Lynn
12. Chio Tze-Wei Martin
13. Chong Wei Sheng
14. Chua Sze Hon
15. Chuah Sai Yee
16. Ee Hock Leong
17. Foo Csian Ian Christopher
18. Foo Kim Geok Jennifer (Mrs Wong)
19. Giam Yoke Chin Nee Tong
20. Goh Boon Kee
21. Goh Chee Leok
22. Goh Kim Soon
23. Goon Teik Jin Anthony
24. Harneet Kaur Ranu Indar Singh Ranu
25. Heng Yee Kiat
26. Ho Chin Ching Jean
27. Ho Ju Ee Sue-Ann
28. Ho Sheun Ling Madeline
29. Huma Jaffar
30. Khoo Boo Peng
31. Khoo Shih Wee Lawrence
32. Koh Hong Yi
33. Koh Jean Aan Mark
34. Kwah Yung Chien Raymond
35. Kwok Yew Kai Colin
36. Lee Chui Tho
37. Lee Haur Yueh
38. Lee Siong See Joyce
39. Leong Yoong Onn Lawrence
40 Leow Yung Hian
41. Lim Kah Beng
42. Lim Kar Seng
43. Lim Su Ping Regina
44. Lim Teng Ee Joyce
45. Lim Yen Loo
46. Liu Tsun Tsien
47. Loh Teck Hiong Henry
48. Loke Khua Eu
49. Nayar Thekke Karumathil Mallika
50. Neoh Ching Yin
51. Ng Pei Lin Patricia
52. Nisha Su Yien Subash Chandran
53. Noor Hanif Bin Said
54. Ong Chun Wei Gavin
55. Oon Beng Bee
56. Oon Hwee Boon Hazel
57. Pan Jiun Yit
58. Pang Shiu Ming
59. Phay Ken-Lin
60. Priya Rani Sen
61. Rosalind Khoo
62. Seow Chew Shai @ Seow Chew Swee
63. Tan Eileen
64. Tan Hiok Hee
65. Tan Ki Wei
66. Tan Kian Teo
67. Tan Kong Chong
68. Tan Ngak Jiang
69. Tan Sern Ting Eugene
70. Tan Siyun Lucinda
71. Tan Suat Hoon
72. Tan Tulip
73. Tan Wee Ping
74. Tan Wei Hsia Audrey
75. Tang Boon Yang Mark
76. Tay Liang Kiat
77. Tay Yong Kwang
78. Tee Shang-Ian
79. Teo Hwee Ying Lynn
80. Teo Yu Lin Rachael
81. Tey Hong Liang
82. Tham Siew Nee nee Wong
83. Theng Thiam Seng Colin
84. Thirumoorthy Thamotharampillai
85. Thng Tien Guan Steven
86. Wang Yi Shi
87. Wong Kai Sang Alexander
88. Wong Siew Ngoh
89. Wong Soon Tee
90. Wong Su-Ni
91. Wong Wai Kee
92. Yong Anning Angeline
93. Yuen Pei Shan Patricia

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