Scientific Programme

12th July 2019 (Friday)

Pre-ASM Workshop: Practical Skin Surgery Course

  • Lectures and skin suture: Academia Level 2, PSL-2A/2B
  • Pig Skin Closure Course: Academia Basement 1, PSL-1B/1C
Time Topic Speakers
 12:00 pm Registration  
 1:00 pm

Opening address and introduction of guest speaker

(Chairs: Dr Chris Tan, Dr Melissa Tan)

 1:10 pm

Pre-operative Considerations

  • Indications and margins
  • Antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Anti-thrombotics
  • Implanted cardiac devices
 Dr Sue-Ann Ho
 1:40 pm

Intra-operative Considerations I

  • Local anesthesia and useful nerve blocks
  • Surgical anatomy and danger zones 
 Dr Paul Chia
 2:10 pm Tea break  
 2:40 pm

Intra-operative Considerations II

  • Closure and reconstruction options (when and how)
  • Punch, curette, shave biopsies, simple flaps and grafts
 Dr Koh Hong Yi
 3:10 pm

Surgical Consideration for Special Sites

  • Scalp, eyelids, nose, ears, lips, acral skin, shins, genitalia
 Prof Colin Fleming
 3:40 pm Q&A  
 4:00 pm Hands-on practical sessions (concurrent)


  • Prof Colin Fleming
  • Dr Paul Chia
  • Dr Sue-Ann Ho
  • Dr Koh Hong Yi
  • Dr Ong Suyin
  • Dr Mohamed Zulfikar Rasheed
  • Dr Aaron Tan

A: Suture Course

  • Suture selection
  • Suturing techniques for surface and buried sutures
  • Knots 

B: Pig Skin Closure Course with Cadaveric Facial Anatomy Demonstration

  • Facial danger zones, surgical considerations and reconstruction options on a cadaver
  • Practical session on different methods of closure
  • Perfecting elliptical closure
  • Standing Cone repair
  • Lazy S, M plasty
  • Closure options for large defects on trunk and limbs
  • Simple flaps for non-derm surgeons
 7:00 pm End  


13th July 2019 (Saturday)

Pre-ASM Workshop: Procedural Dermatology

  • Venue: Grant Copthorne Waterfront, Waterfront ballroom
Time Topic Speaker
 7:30 am Registration and light breakfast  
 8:00 am Free Paper session 1: Case reports

(Chair: Dr Kirsten Yeo; Judges: Prof Colin Fleming, Dr Chuah Sai Yee, Dr Tan Kian Teo)


Morning Session: Management and Prevention of Surgical Complications

(Chairs: A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh, Dr Paul Chia)

 9:00 am Haemostasis and Managing / Preventing Bleeding Complications  Prof Colin Fleming
 9:20 am Managing and Preventing Wound Infections  Dr Sue-Ann Ho
 9:40 am Managing and Preventing Injury to Deep Structures  Prof Colin Fleming
 10:00 am Managing and Preventing Scars  Dr Melissa Tan
 10:20 am Q & A  
 10:30 am Tea Break  
 11:00 am

Novartis Symposium (Chair: Dr Lim Kar Seng)

Advances in Managing Psoriasis – Clear and Complete Treatment with Secukinumab


 Dr Ron Vender

 12:00 pm

DSS Practice Management Lecture (Chair: A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh)

Clinical Governance 101 for the Practicing Dermatologist


Dr T Thirumoorthy

 12:30 pm Lunch  
 1:00 pm

Galderma Symposium (Chair: Dr Eugene Tan)

Conventional and Daylight Photodynamic Therapy in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer: A Local Clinical Perspective


A/Prof Chong Wei Sheng

Afternoon Session: Pearls and Pitfalls in Aesthetic Dermatology

(Chairs: Dr Chris Tan, Dr Wong Soon Tee)

 2:00 pm Approach to Uneven Pigmentation  Dr Stephanie Ho
 2:20 pm Managing and Preventing Laser Complications  Dr Chan Yuin Chew
 2:40 pm Q & A  
 2:50 pm Tea Break  
 3:20 pm

DCH Auriga Symposium (Chair: Dr Pan Jiun Yit)

Sertaconazole – a broad spectrum antifungal agent with antipruritic and anti-inflammatory properties


 Prof Helmut Schöfer

 4:20 pm Managing and Preventing Complications with Injectables  Dr Matthew Yeo
 5:00 pm Q & A  
 5:30 pm DSS Annual General Meeting (members only)  
 7:00 pm DSS Annual Dinner (members only)  


14th July 2019 (Sunday)

ASM: Translating Evidence into Practice

  • Venue: Grant Copthorne Waterfront, Waterfront ballroom
Time Topic Speaker
 7:30 am Registration and light breakfast  
 8:00 am Free Paper Session 2: Studies

(Chair: Dr Madeline Ho; Judges: A/Prof Derrick Aw, A/Prof Tey Hong Liang, Dr Mark Tang


Morning Session

(Chairs: Dr Joyce Lee, Dr Regina Lim)

 9:00 am Approach to The Diagnosis and Management of Post-transplant Skin Eruptions Dr Oh Choon Chiat
 9:20 am Dermoscopy – Why Bother? Prof Colin Fleming
 9:40 am Practical and Holistic Management of Rosacea A/Prof Derrick Aw
 10:00 am Managing Difficult-to-treat Alopecia Dr Joyce Lee
 10:20 am Q & A  
 10:30 am Tea Break  
 11:00 am

Abbvie Symposium (Chair: Dr Lim Kar Seng)

1) The Challenge in managing Psoriasis: Current unmet Medical needs

2) The evolving Biologic landscape in Psoriasis Management


1) Dr Koh Hong Yi

2) Dr Melinda Gooderham

 12:00 pm

Chan Heng Leong Memorial Lecture (Chair: A/Prof Lim Yen Loo)

Practicing Realistic Medicine


Prof Colin Fleming

 12:30 pm Lunch  
 1:00 pm

NeoAsia Symposium (Chair: Dr Wong Su-Ni)

1) Pulsed Dye Laser 595nm & 1064nm Laser System with Dual Cooling Method for Vascular Treatment

2) Optimal Treatment for Facial Pigmented Lesion with Gentle 755 nm and 1064 nm Laser



1) Dr Firas Al-Niaimi

2) Dr Geun-Soo Lee

Afternoon Session 1

(Chairs: A/Prof Chong Wei Sheng, Dr Lim Kar Seng)

 2:00 pm Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of a Child with Recalcitrant Dermatitis Dr Emily Gan
 2:20 pm Maximising the Yield with Patch Testing Dr Lee Shan Xian
 2:40 pm Psoriasis – Integrating New Treatments in your Daily Practice Dr Tan Ki Wei
 3:00 pm Q & A  
 3:10 pm Tea break  

Afternoon Session 2

(Chairs: A/Prof Martin Chio, Dr Neoh Ching Yin)

 3:40 pm Bullous Pemphigoid: Pearls Dr Nisha Suyien Chandran
 4:00 pm Diagnosis and Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Practical Update A/Prof Martin Chio
 4:20 pm Newer Adverse Drug Reactions – What You Should Know A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh
 4:40 pm Q & A  
 4:50 pm Prize presentation for Best Paper Award and Close