Scientific Programme

14th July 2017 (Friday)

Pre-ASM Workshop: Nail Surgery Course

Time Topic Speakers
 1:00 pm  Registration  
  (Chairs: A/Prof Chua Sze Hon, Dr Paul Chia)  
 1:30 pm  Surgical Anatomy, Danger Zones and Local Anaesthesia for Nail Unit Surgery  Prof Eckart Haneke
 1:50 pm   Pre- and Post-operative Preparation and Counselling  Dr Adam Rubin
 2:10 pm  Indications and Techniques for Nail Bed, Nail Matrix and Lateral Longitudinal biopsies  Dr Adam Rubin
 2:30 pm   Managing Ingrown Toenails and Performing Intralesional Steroid Injections  Prof Eckart Haneke
 2:50 pm Q & A   
 3:00 pm  Tea Break  
 3:30 pm  Advanced Surgical Techniques Masterclass1  Prof Eckart Haneke
 4:30 pm   Q & A  
 4:45 pm

Hands-on Cadaveric Dissection

    • Participants: adjourn to dissection hall
    • Observers: remain in lecture room for live stream of dissection

 Programme for participants2:

  • Live demonstration of nail bed, nail matrix and lateral longitudinal biopsies
  • Live demonstration of surgical techniques for treating ingrown nails and myxoid cysts
  • Hands-on practice

 Prof Eckart Haneke
 Dr Adam Rubin
 A/Prof Chua Sze Hon
 Dr Suzanne Cheng
 Dr Paul Chia
 Dr Ho Sue Ann
 Dr Koh Hong Yi
 Dr Oh Choon Chiat
 Dr Chris Tan
 Dr Aaron Tan

 6:45 pm  Q & A and Close  

 1Advanced surgical techniques masterclass: lecture (with video recordings if possible) of surgical management of pincer nails, traumatic nail injuries, common nail bed tumours (pyogenic granulomas, myxoid cysts, glomus tumors), other benign and malignant nail unit tumors, sharing of cases.
22 participants to 1 hand and 1 set of surgical instruments per bench, 30 benches. 1 instructor to 3 benches.  


15th July 2017 (Saturday)

Pre-ASM Workshop: Updates on Diagnosis and Management of Nail Disorders

Time Topic Speaker(s)
 8:00 am Registration  

Morning Session: Nail Pathology Masterclass

(Chairs: Dr Joyce Lee, Dr Tee Shang-Ian)

 8:30 am  Normal Nail Histology, Regional Differences and Pitfalls in Interpretation  Dr Adam Rubin
 8:50 am  Nail Unit Biopsy and Processing Techniques to Optimise Histological Yield  Dr Adam Rubin
 9:10 am  Diagnostic Application of Nail Clippings  Dr Adam Rubin
 9:30 am Q & A  
 9:40 am Tea Break  
 10:00 am  Inflammatory and Infective Diseases of the Nail Unit  Dr Adam Rubin
 10:30 am  Tumours of the Nail Unit  Prof Eckart Haneke
 11:20 am Q & A  
 11:30 am  Nails CPC: Challenging Cases From Singapore, Bern and Philadelphia  All
 12:30 pm

Lunch Symposium (Sponsor: LF Asia)

Update in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Superficial Cutaneous Mycoses

 A/Prof José M. Mascaró Jr.

Afternoon Session: Updates on Diagnosis and Management of Nail Disorders

(Chairs: Dr Tan Kian Teo, Dr Ang Chia Chun)

 1:30 pm  Approach to Longitudinal Erythronychia  Dr Adam Rubin
 2:00 pm  Approach to Longitudinal Melanonychia and the Pigmented Nail Plate  Prof Eckart Haneke
 2:30 pm  Approach to Assessing and Treating Onycholysis  Dr Adam Rubin
 2:50 pm  Approach to Assessing and Treating Brittle Nails  Prof Eckart Haneke
 3:10 pm Q & A  
 3:20 pm Tea Break  
 3:40 pm  Contact Dermatitis from Nail Care Products  Dr Anthony Goon
 4:00 pm  Management of Inflammatory Nail Disorders  Dr Adam Rubin
 4:20 pm  Tips on Managing Fungal Nail Infections  Dr Tan Hiok Hee
 4:40 pm  Common Paediatric Nail Disorders: Melanonychia and Trachyonychia  Dr Adam Rubin
 5:00 pm  Tumours of the Nail Apparatus: When to Worry and What To Do  Prof Eckart Haneke
 5:20 pm Q & A and Close  
 5:30 pm DSS Annual General Meeting (members only)  
 7:00 pm DSS Annual Dinner (members only)  


16th July 2017 (Sunday)

ASM: Top Tips from the Experts

Time Topic Speaker(s)
7:30am Registration  
8:00am Breakfast Symposium (Sponsor – NeoAsia)

Update on the management of common pigmentary disorders: The role of picosecond lasers and sun protection

 Prof Goh Chee Leok

Recognising Red Flags and Avoiding Pitfalls

(Chairs: A/Prof Tan Suat Hoon, Dr Lim Kah Beng)

 9:05am  Red Flags in Paediatric Dermatology  Dr Mark Koh
 9:25am  Ethical and Legal Issues in Adolescents with STIs  Dr Martin Chio
 9:45am  Evidence-Based Practice in Hospital Dermatology  Dr Lee Haur Yueh
10:05am  Cautions and Precautions When Using Biologics  Dr Colin Theng
10:25am  Q & A  
10:30am Tea Break  
11:00am  Chan Heng Leong Memorial Lecture: Onychology in the 21st Century  Prof Eckart Haneke
11:30am  Free Paper 1 – Studies (Judges: Dr Adam Rubin, Dr Regina Lim, Dr Mark Tang)  Chair: Dr Tey Hong Liang

Lunch Symposium (Sponsor – Galderma)

Atrophic Acne Scars: Advances in Clinical Practice

 Prof Harald Gollnick
 1:35pm  Free Paper 2 – Case Reports (Judges: Dr Derrick Aw, Dr Chris Foo, Dr Tan Kong Chong)  Chair: Dr Nisha Suyien Chandran
 2:15pm  The SMC ECEG  – What It Means for Dermatologists and Dermatologic Practice  Dr T Thirumoorthy
 3:00pm Tea Break  

Aesthetic and Procedural Dermatology

(Chairs: Dr Tan Wee Ping, Dr Paul Chia)

 3:30pm  Tips for Optimising Wound Closures  Dr Raymond Kwah
 3:50pm  Cosmeceuticals: What a Dermatologist Should Know  Prof Goh Chee Leok
 4:10pm Q & A  
 4:15pm  Panel Discussion: Challenging Aesthetic/Procedural Dermatology Cases  All
 4:55pm Presentation of Best Paper Award and Close