Executive Committee

The activities of the Society are organised and run by a committee which is elected at the annual general meeting held in July each year.

Term of office 2019/2020

President: A/Prof Lee Haur Yueh
Vice President: Dr Tee Shang-Ian
Honorary Secretary: Dr Chris Tan
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Ang Chia Chun
Committee Members: Dr Roland Chu
  Dr Koh Hong Yi
  Dr Liew Hui Min
Co-opted Member: A/Prof Lim Yen Loo



DSS Proceedings Editorial Board

Editor: Dr Chris Tan
Members: Nil


Directors: A/Prof Chua Sze Hon
  Dr Cheong Lai Leng
Trainers: Dr Suzanne Cheng
  Dr Tham Siew Nee
  Dr Priya Sen
  Dr Ker Khor Jia
  Dr Mark Tang Boon Yang
  Dr Melissa Tan Wee Ping
  Dr Angeline Yong Anning

Past Committees

WCD 2023 Singapore Bid Committee

President: Prof Roy Chan 
Secretary-General: A/Prof Lim Yen Loo 
Honorary President: Prof Goh Chee Leok 
Vice-President: A/Prof Tan Suat Hoon 
Vice-President: Dr Lee Haur Yueh 
Treasurer: Dr Tee Shang-Ian 
Members: Dr Ang Chia Chun 
  Dr Nisha Suyien Chandran
  Dr Martin Chio
  A/Prof Chong Wei Sheng
  A/Prof Giam Yoke Chin
  A/Prof Mark Koh
  Dr Mark Tang
  Prof Steven Thng
  Dr Wong Su-Ni

“Common Skin Problems” Editorial Board

Editor: Dr Lim Kar Seng
  Dr Rachael Teo Yu Lin
Members: Dr Goh Boon Kee
  Dr Lee Haur Yueh
  Dr Lim Yen Loo
  Dr Mark Koh Jean Ann
  Dr Wang Yi Shi
  Dr Wong Su-Ni

Psoriasis Focus Group

(* Psoriasis Therapeutic Guidelines Workgroup)

Dr Wong Su-Ni *
  Dr Colin Theng Thiam Seng*
Secretary: Dr Hazel Oon Hwee Boon*
Members: A/Prof Thirumoorthy T*
  Dr Tham Siew Nee*
  Dr Colin Kwok Yew Kai*
  Dr Chong Wei Sheng*
  Dr Lim Kar Seng *
  A/Prof Derrick Aw Chen Wee*
  Dr Pan Jiun Yit*
  Dr Cheong Wai Kwong

Paediatric Dermatology Focus Group

Honorary Chair: A/Prof Giam Yoke Chin
Co-Chairs: Dr Mark Koh Jean Aan
  Dr Madeline Ho Sheun Ling
Members: A/Prof Tay Yong Kwang
  Dr Chan Yuin Chew
  Dr Emily Gan Yiping
  Dr Jean Ho Chin Ching
  Dr Ker Khor Jia
  Dr Liew Hui Min
  Dr Henry Loh Teck Hiong
  Dr Lynn Chiam Yuun Tirng
  Dr Nisha Chandran
  Dr Lucinda Tan Siyun
  Dr Eugene Tan Sern Ting