About Our Society

History of the Society

The Dermatological Society of Singapore was established at an inaugural meeting held on 21 June 1972 at Brunel Hawes Lecture Theatre, Medical Unit II, Outram Road General Hospital, Singapore. There were 12 founder members present including Drs B Wach, Lawrence Leong, Oon Beng Bee, K Rajagopalan, Khoo Oon Teik, V S Rajan, Goh Yong Siah, Tay Chong Hai, Tulip Tan, George Wong, Lim Chan Yong and Loke Khua Eu. Professor Khoo Oon Teik was the founding President of the society.

The origin of the Society dates back to 1960 when a group of 19 doctors founded the Singapore Dermatological Society under the umbrella of the Singapore Medical Association. The name of the Society was changed to Dermatological Society of Singapore when it became an independent Society.

Objectives of the Society

  • To advance the knowledge and practice of dermatology;
  • To promote research in dermatology;
  • To promote regional and international co-operation in dermatology;
  • To acquire and publish literature and scientific works;
  • To organise clinical meetings, seminars, conventions and all such acts and things incidental or subsidiary to all or any of the above.

Activities of the society

The society’s major role is in the continuing medical education of medical practitioners in the field of dermatology.

  • Monthly meetings: clinical meetings, seminars and talks.
  • Annual scientific meeting. The first meeting was held on 19 May 1985.
  • Organisation of regional conferences of dermatology. The first regional conference was held in Singapore from 7 – 9 May 1974.
  • The conference is held every 2 years and 5 countries in the region take turns to host it.
  • The first regional conference of the International Union against Venereal Diseases and the Treponematoses (IUVDT) (South East Asian and Western Pacific branch) was held in Singapore from 6 – 9 January 1977.

Affiliated Organisations

The Society is a member of the International League of Dermatological Societies and the League of ASEAN Dermatological Societies (LADS).